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    We help you in implementing solutions on Salesforce niche technologies such as Einstein AI, Salesforce Wave Analytics, IoT Cloud Einstein, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (exact target), CPQ (Apttus, Steelbrick, Oracle Big Machines)

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    Business Intelligence

    There are very few like Terence Tao, who can see the big picture and the micro assemble modules for a set of issues. For the rest of us we have Business Intelligence tools from solving landing scenarios for Mars colonisation to simpler things like whose making the most sales in a mattress store.

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    Big Data

    In an entire world generating data there exist so many places that even today we haven't been able to discover even half of them. The same was defined by Gartner as Dark Data in 2011.

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    JAVA has become an ecosystem which has evolved even faster than the human race and has now become the backbone of many emerging and evolving technology pillars such as Business intelligence, big data and Internet of Things.

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    IT Support

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    Internet of Things

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    IT Security


From Niche Resource Fulfilment in Software Services, Business Consulting to AI Design, Big Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Space Tech we specialise in fulfilling client requirements which boggle the rest of the world.



We call her XAI. Xtreme uses artificial intelligence based tools for talent search. She is immensely powerful and makes our lives enjoyable and our client relationships rich by delivering results which does sound like sci-fi.

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

Big data will bring world changing perspectives to almost all walks of life, Xtreme is positioned in a strategic position to provide our clients with resources into such niche technologies such as “Splunk, Spark, Storm, Flink” .


Salesforce from it’s humble start as a CRM today to a full blown product universe. All Salesforce clients today are migrating to further integrations with diverse industry sets heavily investing in customer acquisition and retention technologies offered via the Salesforce ecosystem. Xtreme specialises in delivering solutions and resources for niche requirements such as CPQ, Wave Analytics, AI, Legacy to Cloud Integration and transition.

CLOUD + IOT Integration

From the nascent beginnings “smart homes” to interconnected devices, to the partially imaginable future of predicting oncoming health issues and suggest proactive medical care rather than reactive healthcare. We help our clients in addressing such path breaking, mind bending breakthroughs by being a partner in there entire journey and not just being a vendor or a partner.

Augmented Reality

From simple AR solutions like AR based E-Commerce reducing return rates, using AR in Supply Chain Management optimisation to designing solutions to integrate with Computer Vision modules and AI, we are into all. Our resources are the best in the industry and meet the highest standards required.

Enterprise Content Management

We can help you change your data into strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable you to protect, access and use all of your data. Xtreme has teams to provide ECM solutions all over Americas and APAC.

Cyber Security

In today’s distributed environment, cloud and communication service providers can play a key role in providing organisations with a scalable and secure platform for the connection of everything to everything. Xtreme helps in providing the right resources which can guide the client to a more secure and robust organisation.

We specialize in making your solutions simplified.

There’s an opportunity here. But it’s opportunity that imagination alone can’t fulfill.

But Xtreme can.

From the time we’re kids, we define our future by what we’re going to be. Policeman, Fireman, Astronaut. To make it happen takes a vision of what’s possible, but it also takes something more.

Xtreme has been helping organisations find the right solutions and people to implement the solutions — with an approach that starts with vision, and carries through with persistence, commitment, and teamwork.

We are happy to hear you.

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